Hospitality Market sees launch of BioFit

Hospitality Market sees launch of BioFit

Meet Biofit, a natural gym concept that aspires to make major inroads in the coming years in both the global hospitality and the real estate markets. Biofit is launching this month, bringing homeowners and travelers alike a tech-free space featuring the company’s handcrafted kits, which are made of all natural materials and specially designed to incorporate indigenous air purifying plants for nature-centric training spaces, aromatherapy, and acoustic playlists.

The idea behind the Biofit concepts is to combine mindful movements with exercises that are common place in the real world with an ultimate goal of effectively engaging the brain and leaving users fit in both body and mind. The world will first be exposed to the Biofit concept by a pop-up studio located in West London. The dates of availability will span from January 9 to February 3. This event will include group classes, corporate team-building exercises, and workshops. The classes involved with this event will be skill-based, focusing on movement and mobility, stamina, strength, and other time-tested techniques.

In a news release announcing the event and the coming availability of the product, Biofit founder Matt Morley said, “Human evolutionary history shows we’ve been lifting, carrying, jumping, striking and crawling for millions of years, working at varying speeds and intensities according to circumstance; so we start there. To counteract the effects of a sedentary, 21st century lifestyle, Biofit then integrates mobility work into every session to restore range of motion and protect the joints from injury. We also use play to practice new movement skills and stimulate the neurological pathways in a fun, interactive way.”

To collect useful data, Biofit is commissioning research to be conducted by the Ukactive Research Institute throughout the lifespan of its January pop-up event. This research is expected by industry experts to evaluate the impact of exercise in biophilic indoor environments, looking into vital markers of overall health, such as mood, anxiety, attention span durations, and mental faculties.

In addition to the practicality of Biofit kits, the interiors have also been designed by famed landscape architect Lily Jencks, who is also the creator of the restorative healing gardens one finds at Maggie’s Centres throughout the United Kingdom. The goal of her work was to craft the first ever truly biophilic indoor gym by utilizing natural vegetation, colors, materials, shapes, scents, and sounds. Tech companies such as Apple and Google are among early adapters of such concepts, as they have worked to use them to foster impacts on employee stress, thereby bolstering productivity levels.

“Our society needs to calibrate our relationship with the natural world, which is leading to a surge in this kind of biophilic, nature inspired design,” Jencks said in the release.

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