Acqua di Parma S.r.l.

Via Ripamonti 99 20141  Milano Italy
+39 025522881


Acqua di Parma was created in 1916 by Carlo Magnani from Parma as his own, personal Colonia. Over the years friends and colleagues became intrigued and the personal scent grew into a brand, sold through mostly Italian tailors as the finishing touch for sophisticated gentlemen. To this very day, all Acqua di Parma products are made in Italy by traditional craftsmen using only highest quality materials. And we are sold in highly controlled ways through own stores and select retail partners only. We have some very clear convictions as a brand. We believe ease is essential to elegance, especially Italian elegance. We love things made slowly and by hand, so they develop a soul. And we cherish the imperfect as the only true form of perfection. Above all, we celebrate simplicity, sincerity and generosity – or Lightness, as we call it. Because this has been at the heart of our products from the very beginning. And it’s what we think is important to see more and more of in all of us going forward.