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3A Composites Core Materials- Airex AG, Industrie Nord 26 5643  Sins Switzerland
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As the global market leader, AIREX bears responsibility. Fitness, holistic training methods and rehabilitation require outstanding quality. This is expressed in the sum of the product benefits. Extensive experience paired with Swiss premium quality are incorporated in the continuous further development of our gymnastics mats.

The unique closed-cell specialty foam used in AIREX ® products was developed over the course of many years. Extremely durable, the material is supportive on the one hand and warm, soft and cushioning on the other hand. This makes exercises extremely easy on joints, tendons and muscles for efficient Training.

We gladly assist the hospitality sector to meeting future demands for digital transformation, along with better customer experience and work together towards UNWTO's targets for the Agenda 2030 in the Tourism/Hospitality sector!