C SEED – The Unfolding TV

Frankenberggasse 13/16-17 1040  Vienna Austria
+43 2236 501 003


C SEED Entertainment Systems matches minimalistic design with impeccable craftsmanship to create leading-edge luxury electronics. Our core products are C SEED 201 - the world´s largest TV designed by Porsche Design Studio, C SEED M1, the first unfolding indoor TV, Supermarine TV and outdoor speakers. The unique C SEED 201 outdoor TV screen is hidden in its underground storage casing, waiting for activation by a simple push of a button on the remote control. C SEED HLR TV systems are designed for all those out there who dream to have the maximum efficiency of their luxurious spaces. The single most spectacular engineering achievement of the C SEED Supermarine TV is its unique hydraulic drive system: A wildly sophisticated combination of vertical and horizontal drives retracts the huge 201 inch screen into a shallow compartment, saving valuable space on and below decks. Add a spectacular feature to luxury homes and inimitable business locations. Enjoy latest screen technology, wrapped into the most exciting design possible. The C SEED M1. Brace yourself for a never-before TV experience.