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CleanBrands, makers of CleanRest mattress protection products, is bringing the healthiest and cleanest night's sleep to everyone in the world, wherever they lay – ESPECIALLY IN A NEW HOTEL. We do this by developing the most obsessively engineered lineup of mattress, box spring, and pillow protection products to accomplish two things: 1) Protect the sleeper from allergens and dust mites to promote a better night's sleep 2) Protect your mattresses from staining, spoilage, and bed bug infestation to extend the life of your assets. We have also introduced our first "comfort first" product, the CleanRest Platinum Encasing Mattress Pad. Platinum is three products in one as it replaces the mattress, waterproof protector, and encasement to help you reduce your total cost of utility bedding ownership. IN DEPTH: About Proactive Bed Bug Defense Hotel Management groups and Hotel Property Managers are coming around to the fact they must have a proactive bed bug and mattress spoilage defense strategy. Choosing a durable mattress encasement to protect your bedding assets from bed bug infestation and costly mattress & box spring repurchasing costs is typically the first step in a proactive bed bug defense strategy. The concept of spending on mattress encasements before you have a bed bug infestation had once sounded overkill, but bed bug infestations are growing, you can do nothing to stop them from entering your hotel, and your hotel will save thousands of dollars starting immediately if you act proactively. For example, one of our closest hotel management groups who manage 10 hotel properties spent $76,723 on bed beg remediation and asset spoilage. After encasing all mattress of each hotel, their annual spend on remediation and asset spoilage fell to $5,000 total for all 10 properties.