Cserni Wohnen GmbH

Grüne Lagune 2 8350  Fehring Austria


Our goal is, to make room for life

We make room for life, bring life to living spaces and are firmly convinced, that the right interiors make a decisive difference to life quality. That is why we attribute great value to sophisticated and integral concepts, multifaceted details and precise craftsmanship. Design, production and assembly are combined under one roof in order to provide you with comprehensive support in realizing the interior projects of your dreams.

Exclusive, integral solutions from a single source

Our manufacture, located in Fehring, in Eastern Styria, has been the heart and soul of our company, as well as the foundation upon which our success has been built, for 90 years. Here, design sketches are turned into bespoke, unique pieces that are impressive due both to their design, precision and functionality as well as their material aesthetics.

We design, plan and implement holistic interior concepts that unite each and every facet of interior design. These include bottom up solutions, from floor planning to design drafting and the manual production of individual furniture pieces, to space planning and the selection of exquisite accessories.

We are general contractors and take on the responsibility for implementing all the tasks necessary for your project, all the way up to its full completion: from structural measures such as drywalling, to laying the floors or completing electrical installations. We also ensure for smooth progression from planning, to visualization and tendering, to awarding the construction projects. We take on the role of project manager and supervise local construction works inclusive of structural services and structural physics, planning and construction site coordination.