Dvigrad Telekom d.o.o.

Dvigradska 2 Kanfanar 52532  Kanfanar Croatia


Dvigrad Telekom is a company which is present on B2B market for more than 20 years. In years of our experience in hospitality sector, we have especially specialized our business for the needs of hoteliers and their guests providing a complete IT solution for hospitality, including Wi-Fi, IP phones and IPTV. Apart from that we develop and implement IP networks for campings, marinas, cities (HotSpot) and complex constructions such as offshore platforms. We offer:
  • Complete Wi-Fi solutions (cabling, hardware & software)
  • IP phone systems
  • Structural cabling
  • IPTV – Television based on IP Protocol
  • Installation of new equipment and maintenance of the existing one
  • High quality hardware from the reliable partners
  • Architecting indoor and outdoor network infrastructure
Our company is always ready for even the most complicated and demanding tasks and we never just install the equipment and let it be, but rather we provide a 24/7 service and support to our clients no matter if the equipment is of our own installation or was previously installed in the specific object. We provide excellence in the most demanding tasks and our a 24/7 service and support. We offer not only installation of new equipment, but also maintenance of the existing, previously installed systems. Some of our clients are:
  • Valamar Riviera d.d.
  • Maistra d.d.
  • Arena Hospitality Group
  • Plava Laguna d.d.
  • Liburnia Riviera Hoteli d.
  • Mon Perin – Best Adria Camp 2020
  • Ina d.d. – offshore platforms
Last, but not the least we are offering IPTV. As the guests today expect only the best of technology, you can use personal, quick, modern and efficient way of communication with the guests, while opening the new ways of creating profits by advertising your products and introducing your extra services. IPTV will help to save your time and resources while providing each guest a personal touch and presentation of your facilities and surroundings. The usage of innovative IPTV will:
  • Save your time and resources while providing each guest a personal touch and presentation of your facilities and surroundings,
  • Boost revenues
  • Create brand recognition among guests
  • Allow more interaction with guest while consuming less time and effort
  • Allow the guest to be easy and relaxed by introducing high quality technical solution
  • Deliver fast way of communication with guest
  • Fully connect in real-time in CRM and reception operation System
Our most outstanding projects are:
  • Arena Grand Kažela Campsite (case study Ruckus Wireless)
  • Offshore platforms INAgip – IP telephone system (Epygi case study)
  • Glamping Arena One99 – WiFi solution and IPTV system
  • Lanterna Premium Camping Resort – covered 4000m2 with structured cabling
  • Arena Hospitality Group – Call-center – Connected 3 hotels and 2 apartment villages in one call-center with custom made software which made possible for the “old to meet the new” – connect analogue phone servers to the new generation IP systems
Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about our products and services. Or visit our website to know more.