EcoSense Solutions

6578 Palmer Park Circle 34238  Sarasota United States (FL)


EcoSense Solutions are a nationwide provider that focuses on water conservation through the installation of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in high water and money savings. Our company has developed patented equipment that prevents inefficient toilets from wasting water. These unique patented components replace existing flush mechanisms in tank toilets and are designed to avoid catastrophic floods. The AquaMizer Solution also senses nine different toilet leaks (including flapper leaks) and prevents the tank from continuously refilling in those instances.

We developed The AquaMizer Solution to reduce water waste and simplify the installation process for multifamily owners and property management groups. The AquaMizer is currently certified by Green Circle as well as Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for up to 52% reduction in flush volume. Our installation teams make it simple and efficient for properties to increase their NOI and substantially impact their bottom line.


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