Fonderia Finco srl

Via Palladio 6 35010  Campo San Martino Italy
+39 049 552066


Fonderia Finco is a family run company that was first formed in 1945, as Italy began the monumental task of reconstruction after the Second World War. The experience and business acumen of three generations of the family have led to the creation of a range of innovative cooking utensils for catering professionals and lovers of responsible, healthy cooking with an open-minded approach to the future but feet firmly planted in tradition. The Ghisanativa® range of cookware is made from extremely pure cast iron and represents a return to the roots for this glorious alloy that has reigned undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries. Every Ghisanativa® product is made entirely by Fonderia Finco at the company's foundry in Campo San Martino near Padua in northern Italy, and is the result of long and scrupulous research into cooking materials, technology, environmental protection and even history. Ghisanativa® pots, casseroles and pans are designed for optimum ergonomics, stylish form and maximum functionality and are characterised by harmonious, modern lines.

The minerals loaded into the furnace are uncompromisingly selected: 98% carbon graphite, and haematite, a mineral containing up to 60% of iron and used by ancient Babylonian and Egyptian doctors to stimulate the production of blood and accelerate coagulation. Heated to 1530°C in a process that conforms to the strictest environmental standards, these minerals melt, leaving behind all traces of slag, and fuse to produce pure, molten cast iron, ready for casting in sand and clay moulds formed from an aluminium model. Unique thanks to use of its own individual mould destroyed on cooling, the composition of each Ghisanativa® object is repeatedly analysed using a sophisticated spectrum analyser.