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Fromental is one of the world’s leading creators of artistic hand-painted and hand-embroidered wallcoverings. ​ Established in 2005 by Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, Fromental is expanding the history of design into the future. As decorative artists, Fromental are informed by a deep cultural knowledge of craft, an understanding of technology and an innate love of creativity. ​ The founders’ connoisseurship and artistry lead them to explore diverse aesthetics and varied historical styles. Fromental’s designs build on the past to create strikingly contemporary collections that endure.​ Recognised for their expertise in hand-painted and hand-embroidered Chinoiserie, Fromental confidently weaves playful modernity with the rich heritage of paper-backed silk. ​Their award-winning vanguard designs offer a visionary expression built on the heritage of twentieth-century modernist movements, classical architecture, and abstractions from nature.​ With a passion for experimentation, the London-based studio is skilled in the process of working with colour, which is intrinsic to Fromental’s visual handwriting and identity—and to creating designs that evoke an emotional response. Great care is taken to achieve complexity. Some panels take up to forty hours to build the density and layering of colour. Fromental’s sophisticated palettes change the atmosphere of a room. ​ Tailored to each individual interior Fromental enhances the beauty of a room’s architecture and artfully delivers a sense of delight and wonder. Over its sixteen-year history, Fromental has grown to become one of the most respected specialists in European decorative arts.