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Innovative Induction Buffet Solutions: With its InductWarm® range Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology. Besides the elegant, modern look of your buffet and the easy handling of the devices the focus of InductWarm® products is on gentle, energy- and cost-efficient food warming. As a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich, Gastros guarantees high quality, safety and innovation. The Gastros range contains:

  • Undercounter modules for invisible installation underneath counter and table surfaces
  • Built-in modules for the plane mounting, e.g. into buffet tables or serving counters
  • Tabletop modules for flexible usage in any gastronomical field
  • Battery-powered induction modules for any kind of mobile buffet solution
  • Inductive dishes
  • InductCook® Tabletop hob for impressive Frontcooking


  • Operating Supplies & Equipment
    • buffet ware
    • Catering Technology
    • Porcelain
    • Serving carts
    • Tableware & Restaurant/Bar Equipment

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