Pol. Ind. Laltet Travesia Lagrillent Nave 7 46870  Ontinyent Spain (Valencia)


IRONES is a global supplier and manufacturer of high-quality fabrics and bespoke designs for contract interiors and hospitality sectors. We are specialists in quality and sustainable fabrics, which are 100% manufactured in Spain. We would love to introduce you to our line of Top Dim Outs with Antibacterial Certification from AITEX with virucidal properties using the silver ion technology. Innovative fabrics with huge advantages on health and well-being that we all need.
  • Best FR following British Standard BS 5867 part 2 Type B & C - M1 and C1
  • Wide range of colors and designs
  • Antibacterial Finishing with virucidal properties using the silver ion technology
  • Excellent fabrics to block out the light