Hübner & Partner GmbH

Münchner Straße 11 A-6130  Schwaz Austria
+43 5242610500


  We strive to relieve you of the best possible and to be a competent partner for you. For many years, we serve hospitals, health and rehabilitation centers, prevention, regeneration, physical therapy, care and nursing homes, medical spa and health care centers.   We can offer you this experience: selected products proven and perfected in technology, safety and hygiene, particularly comfortable and guaranteed the best possible therapeutic success.   As a company, we have set ourselves the highest standards and the satisfaction of our customers is the ups and downs. For each individual project, we strive to exceed our expectations and convince with exceptional solutions.   We offer "everything from a single source" from planning to delivery - installation and commissioning, up to expert maintenance and service of your equipment. Independence, speed, optimal laundry care and quality are factors that speak in favor of your own laundry in your home.