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InCoax’s technology provides fiber-like broadband capabilities for the hospitality sector. It cost-effectively uses the existing coax cable infrastructure to enhance infotainment system services, residents’ online communications, and conference hosting capabilities. Residents’ increasing demand for faster connections and symmetrical services with low latency can be met seamlessly and this can be used as a competitive edge in the external marketing process.

The reliable and ingress safe InCoax technology, communicates using the well-established MoCA Access standard present in millions of applications worldwide. It can co-exist with DOCSIS, Terrestrial-, Cable- and Satellite-TV, providing flexible solutions that complement the existing services or used to replace them with IP-TV. It can be effectively rolled-out in stages, floor by floor or room by room, resulting in limited resident impact and room downtime, therefore saving both time and money.

Multiple GUI access options and ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) of system set-up and provisioning, allows for fast and easy installation and effective use of human resources. The SOAP-XML software interface incorporates the solution to your existing infotainment system. With the management of multiple service alternatives possible and Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization, customized and UX-friendly solutions can be launched, fulfilling the growing demands of residents.