J.u.A. Frischeis Gesmbh Zentralverwaltung

Gerbergasse 2 2000  Stockerau
+43 2266 60511


Behind JAF there are seven decades of sheer wood expertise. The company was founded in 1948 by Josef and Antonia Frischeis in Stockerau (Lower Austria). With their consistency, familiarity with the market and immense personal commitment they laid the foundations on which the company has developed from a local wood merchant to the international JAF Group. Today with 59 sites in 18 countries, this is Central Europe’s leading wholesaler for wood and wooden materials. Our product range? It comes with good advice. At JAF you will find only quality products from well-known manufacturers, 20,000 times over – because this is the scale of our permanent warehouse stocks. But what would the best products be without the associated specialist know-how? With us, you will be advised not by classic sales assistants, but by graduates of higher technical colleges, skilled carpenters and specialists. Our regional connections enable us to respond faster and more flexibly, and deal with your orders promptly. Whether you are a carpenter or an architect – in your respective JAF showroom you can delight your customers with your concept right on the spot.