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Jansen Furniture is a high-end luxury furniture and accessories manufacturer for a discerning lifestyle of enjoyment, comfort and esteem. Jansen Furniture | The Origins The company was established in 1981 by two partners from the Netherlands - Andries Jansen and Frederik Janssen. From its origins in the antique furniture trade, the company quickly developed into an international company with own production facilities in Asia and its own sales and distribution in Europe, North-America, the Middle East and Asia and many retailers world-wide. Jansen Furniture | The Products and Materials Jansen Furniture's luxury furniture pieces and decorative accessories are inspired by history. Classic, transitional and mid-century modern furniture and interior styles will provide you with a sophisticated living experience amidst quality furniture and decorations. Well-skilled artisans and craftsmen and –women fabricate the most beautiful wooden and upholstered furniture using a wide selection of the finest high-quality materials. These materials consist of lots of exotic yet permitted materials such as veneers and woods. Simultaneously many materials originate from Europe’s most excellent leather and upholstery material manufacturers to ensure a premium product quality. Jansen Furniture offers a number of well-developed collections. Within and outside these collections you can encounter some specialist artisan products such as our exotic wood veneer inlay and mosaic, our skillfully made sofas and chairs, our hand-carved ornamental pieces, our hand-painted chinoiserie and gilded wood, and our antique mirrors. These products are among the finest in the world. With its team of designers from Europe and the United States, Jansen Furniture designs and develops complete settings for rooms, offices and public spaces while a wide range of occasional furniture completes any interior elegantly. Jansen Furniture pieces can be found in upscale residences, offices, hotels and palaces around the world.