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Company Description: Larus has been developing urban furniture, sustaining its activity in Design research. It supports its communication, the development of new products, and the philosophy of its strategic management. Only the project diversity and quality allow Larus to assert itself in other world regions, where the company has been awarded prestigious distinctions that recognize it as one of the highest references in urban furniture. Larus provides global solutions addressing local needs while respecting culture, history, and identity. In 1988, Larus initiated its activity, installing itself in an old rural school, recovering the architecture, and involving the environment. Design allowed Larus to create value, investigate and develop new products. Larus has become a lab for the innovation of the artifact, devices, and cultural services drawings, developed coherently with the values behind the brand, based on ecology and freedom. Design influenced the organization, supporting the strategic management philosophy, built upon environmental, economical, cultural, and social sustainability. The culture of the brand is based on values of sustainability and nature conservation, present in the ritual celebrated with external designers, who are invited to plant a tree in the surroundings of the headquarters. External designers and architects develop solutions for their projects. The company’s close relationship with these authors is enforced by respect for the authorship and for the project. Larus’s philosophy is expressed in its image, on the peaceful and informal relationship between collaborators and clients, on the concern with improving the customer's business and developing affectivities with the company. Side by side with its competence in the management domain, the responsibility that surrounds Larus’s orientation is demanding in relation to a solid sense of comprehension, of human solidarity. Design is the interdisciplinary process that helps to develop new products, associating them to the strategy, and culture development – the set of values and principles that inspire and influence its collaborators on their day life habits and practices, encouraging new procedures that improve the activity and organization results - image, company technical and human resources and to its market, assuming all means (of product, communication, environment and also the design management assumed in the company’s global strategy) Larus develops equipment with ecological, integration, and public space respect concerns, with citizenship and democracy spirit and that, aims to trigger feelings on the users. The acquisition of transversal knowledge to other cultures has allowed Larus to develop projects supported in the study of the history and identity of places, respecting and valuing them. Urban furniture, signage, and lighting systems exemplify the ability Larus has to be open to other cultures, favoring integration and removing barriers.