NHG Nurture Hospitality Group

Templeton Plaza Suite 129/3311 South Rainbow United States
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Nurture Hospitality Group (NHG ™), a US based Company specializing in unique and sensitive hotel guest bathroom amenities with strong social message. NHG ™ has been founded on the principles of WE CARE ™ and “Sharing your Values”. NHG™ is SAYING NO TO OCEAN BOUND PLASTICS The Company is believed to be the first hospitality guest bathroom amenity supply company in the world that will manufacture 1oz -2oz plastic liquid containers and caps 100% from collected - ocean bound plastics. The nOcean ™ plastics manufactured by NHG ™ has the potential to create a paradigm shift within the guest amenity industry; an industry that produces billions of portion size hotel bottles and tubes that are used and often discarded by guests across the world. A percentage of which will end up in waterways and oceans Company based in Guadalajara in Mexico. JYPESA has been in the design; manufacturing and distribution of guest bathroom amenities to over 19 countries since 1975. As the number one guest amenity company in Mexico and many South American countries, the JYPESA entry in to the USA hospitality guest amenity market via NHG ™ has been a vision of the owners for many years and that vision was to launch a company with caring values ​​and a strong social helpful vision.