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Richard’s Lighting
No 24. Jalan Telawi
59100 Kuala Lumpur


Founded in 1988, Richard's Lighting was built upon the concept of selling high-quality lighting fixtures at reasonable prices. Today, we are one of the largest lighting retail-chains in the Asia-Pacific region. Richard's Lighting operates a global network of offices, showrooms and factories, situated in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, USA, Dubai, Vietnam, China, and Thailand. Sales and product development research is conducted jointly throughout our regional offices, with the aim of enhancing our ability to meet customer needs.

Beyond our extensive range of imported lighting fixtures from around the world, we also offer made-to-order fittings, designed and produced by our sister company, Kristalina Worldwide Sdn Bhd. This manufacturing facility has been in operation since 1988, and is equipped to undertake various kinds of lighting projects, ranging from crafting a single custom chandelier for the living room, to outfitting an entire shopping complex with technical lighting, to creating a collection of similar-themed lights to match the interior of a hotel. We are able to make your drawing designs a reality.


  • Architecture, Design & Construction
    • Lighting Control Systems
  • Furniture, Fixture & Equipment
    • Lighting

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