ScentAir Technologies, Inc.

Zona Artisane Du Cassé 2, 16 Rue Jean Monnet 31240  Saint Jean France
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Close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision an environment filled with your favorite scent. The tantalizing smell of warm apple pie just out of the oven. An invigorating ocean breeze fragrance that instantly transports you to the beach. A lavender vanilla that encourages an escape into relaxation. With ScentAir, you can make hotel guests feel instantly at ease while they're checking in. Or, entice your customers to linger a little longer because of the heavenly aroma in the air. For more than 20 years, ScentAir has been the global leader in scent marketing, commerical diffuser, and ambient scenting industry. We create memorable customer experiences that improve satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and drive customer buying behavior for our clients.

Here at ScentAir, our goal is to help your brand make emotional and memorable connections with your customers. As the largest and most experienced scent marketing firm in the world, ScentAir doesn't just make your space smell amazing – we work with you to elevate your marketing efforts through the non-invasive but oh-so-powerful use of scent. We learn your market and your goals, and we create a customized scent strategy to boost your brand sentiment and increase sales. We're a partner you can trust to help you select the right commercial diffuser, ambient scenting, and custom-fragrance appraoch to complement your brand. Our extensive range of scent diffusers perfectly fit any size and space, large or small. ScentAir is the ultimate way to professionally drive brand differentiation and take your enviormental ambiance to the next level. We can help you enhance the customer experience, so you'll be the brand your customers trust and remember.