Silky Rider

23881 Via fabricante Unit 509 92691  Mission Viejo United States (California)
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Silky Rider is The New Generation of Curtain Smart Control System. It provides a simple, sophisticated and affordable method to automate new and existing curtains. Silky Rider easily converts any existing cord-pulling curtains into an Integrated Automatic System without having to replace any of the existing hardware such as head rails, cords or curtains. It works well with all types of pulling cords. Silky Rider comes with120 Months or 120 Thousand Cycles Golden Warranty whichever comes first. It’s especially designed for hotel which can work under lots of pressures, it doesn’t need any maintenance and spare parts, it is Heavy Duty & DIY and also is made in USA of US and imported parts.


  • Architecture, Design & Construction
    • Windows