Spa Supply Solutions

Industrial Zone Garosud 121 rue commandant massoud 34070  Montpellier France
+33 184 888 96
Hospitality portfolio:


Spa Supply Solutions is a global procurement leader in the SPA & Wellness industry. Recognised professional for Spa pre-opening FF&E and OS&E sourcing.

FFE: Spa Equipment, Hamam, Sauna, Spa Brands, Experience Showers

OSE: Manicure, Pedicure, Facial & Body tools, Spa tools, Consummable, Disposable, Furniture, Treatment Equipment, Accessories, Tools, Hairdressing, Massage Tables, Treatment products, Consulting

Fairly priced and customer oriented. Spa Supply Solutions has a successful proven record of hundreds of Spa pre-openings. Offering world class brands, furnitures, equipments & products found in the finest Spas. We provide “White Glove” delivery service worldwide and dedicated logistic. Spa Supply Solutions is a proud partner of Tree Nation and committed to offset all of our CO2 emissions monthly! Taking care of the planet while serving and improving the well-being industry is a must for us! Every Spa projects completed equals to reforestation.