Trolley & Cart

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Trolley and Cart was established in 1995 as a professional manufacturer of mobile hospitality equipment. Over the years, we recognized that there was a greater need for mobile equipment to not only be produced to the highest quality but also be aesthetical, cost-effective, sustainable and multi-functional. This notion drove us to set up TC Design Studio in 2017. By overseeing the entire process from the initial design through to final production, we invest heavily in research and develop new solutions are able to offer great value-sourcing sustainable materials, building energy-efficient product ranges, exploring space-saving design and many other innovation possibilities. By partnering with international suppliers and distributors, Trolley and Cart are constantly looking at new and better ways forward. We adopt a consultative approach with our customers and collaborate with industry professionals in catering, hospitality and food and beverages to drive innovation forward and build for the future. We offer Mobile F&B solutions for hospitality industry.
  • Mobile Live Cooking System
  • Mobile F&B Stations
  • Mobile Buffet Stations
  • Mobile Bars
  • Buffet Tables / Cocktail Tables
  • In-Room Dining Trolleys
  • High quality service carts
We also offer mobile room service for hospitality industry.
  • High quality housekeeping cart
  • Material restocking cart
We also offer mobile room service for hospitality industry.
  • Luggage Carts
  • Bellman’s Handtrucks