Arco Outdoor

Via Sommacampagna 22/A Magazzino Modulo P9 37137  Verona Interporto (VR) Italy
+39 045 8626158


The Passion for good products, long-lasting design and holistic outdoor concepts have been the hallmark of ARCO OUTDOOR since 1992.

ARCO OUTDOOR is specialist in designing and producing high end quality Teak furniture for Outdoor use.

But why Teak ?

There is a wide range of materials available for outdoor use. However Teakwood in Premium Quality is certainly the best material You can use for Fine Outdoor Furniture. This is the reason why we have chosen teak as out main material and You will find also as the most valuable and suitable essence for components of luxury yachts and luxury design furnishings. Production control and experience allows us to be consistent. An excellent production process goes hand in hand with a sophisticated design: We work mainly with the Danish designer Architect Povl B. Eskildsen, an expert on Teak Furniture.

For us, sustainability is a spiritual, emotional and moral attitude towards the environment, economy and society. Sustainable furnishings allow nature to regenerate. We operate sustainably where there is fairness, transparency and reliability among us.