Civilight GmbH

Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 1a 65760  Eschborn Germany
+49 6196 9679171


Civilight, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED bulbs, strives to ensure that the bulbs are well designed, highly energy efficient and have a long life. The core principles of CIVILIGHT include advancing Civilight's home-and-abroad brand in the LED lighting industry, and continuing to invest extensively in leading LED technology research. CIVILIGHT has long insisted on providing customers with these state-of-the-art LED lighting products and solutions worldwide. The R & D center and manufacturing facility, both located in Shenzhen and Jiangsu, together invest 5% of the annual sales revenue in LED technology R & D and lighting product development. CIVILIGHT is constantly launching innovative and leading LED lighting products due to this huge R & D spending and currently has more than 100 patents worldwide. CIVILIGHT, after many years of effort, is highly recognized by its brand awareness and levels of technology and product quality among international customers. Our team is the foundation of our business development and our pursuit of a corporate culture of mutual respect and responsibility. Civilight values the integrity and honesty in building our long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers. The main goal is for Civilight to offer its customers world-class products that are environmentally friendly at the same time. All this serves to build long-term partnerships.