got BALLZ Inc. | Healthy Energy Snacks

195 Huntington Park Drive L3T 7A7  Thornhill Canada (Ontario)


OUR MISSION: To make healthy snacks delicious and fun; to make a difference one healthy snack at a time. BRAND PHILOSOPHY: Healthy Energy Snacks, Value for Money, Giving Back. We are a Canadian Based Company, focused on taking everyday foods we all love and giving them a healthy, Innovative twist. We have recently launched our creative LOW-CARB Foods line which focuses on Grain-free, Gluten-free, Keto and Paleo-friendly and Sugar-Free. Our first product in this roster is the first of it's kind Completely Grain-free, Gluten-free, and Keto LOW-CARB Bun (Bread). Our LOW-CARB Buns were Nominated for BREAKOUT CANADIAN PRODUCT for 2018 by Notable Life. Our main focus is to create products which are not readily available in the marketplace. There has been a tremendous growth in the demand for healthy meal options made with high-end raw materials, especially for baked goods and snacks. The demographic of people who are interested in these products happen to be the same demographics that are interested in spending their vacations in all-inclusive, luxury destinations. Currently, the demand for products such as ours is very high yet there are no products in luxury hotels like ours. Because our products are high-end, luxury products, we feel that a luxury resort such as yours would be the perfect home to showcase these first-of-its-kind Low-Carb Foods! Our upcoming products include LOW-CARB Granola, Brownies and Energy Cake bars. We want to spread LOW-CARB globally!