Moos Moos Manufaktur

Mittelweg 6 02736  Oppach Germany (Saxony)


Moss wall wall cladding

100% handmade • 100% nature • 100% care-free

The MOOS•MOOS Manufactory is your partner for naturally designed moss wall wall cladding in restaurants or hotels. We also plan and develop your company presence for the office or trade fair together with you. For you, we create your recognition in a natural way through a unique moss wall wall cladding in coordination with your interior. A natural moss wall wall cladding made of moss and plants not only exudes an unimaginably calm indoor climate, there are even more positive advantages. Impressive moss walls made of bale moss or an elaborately artistically designed jungle moss wall made of plants and island moss is the guarantee for your recognition value. Nothing is more effective than a lasting impression that we want to tell the whole world about.