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100 years and four generations of the family later, POINT has remained faithful to its essence and has gained national and international renown for its designer outdoor furniture. Design and innovation are central to the strategy and growth of the business, together with craftsmanship, sustainability, family, people and talent.

POINT creates pieces in collaboration with prestigious designers, through which the company helps improve society and people’s quality of life in addition to presenting Spanish design to the world.

But POINT is much more than design, craftsmanship and innovation. It is an ethical company that, through its products, promotes responsible design all over the world.


Three concepts define POINT’s main values as a firm: craftsmanship, design and innovation. All of these values serve to achieve better quality, always with the aim of improving the quality of life of society and individuals.

Craftsmanship: Each of the company’s sofas is carefully crafted with a great deal of attention to detail, involving 40 hours of hand-weaving work by its craftsmen. And this process involves no less than six hours of manual work in the case of chairs. The company’s history and experience as hand-weaving master craftsmen are what enables POINT to move forward each day, always hand in hand with design and innovation.

Design: The evolution of design at POINT has been a constant feature. From the very beginning when they started using rattan to the inclusion of new materials, this firm’s story has run parallel to design. Design has boosted the process of internationalisation and the company has now participated in almost 1,000 interior design projects in some seventy countries. It also has its own offices in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. From the design point of view, POINT has created collaborative links with an extensive list of designers, who have contributed to the company with their talent and their ideas. Mario Ruiz, Vicent Martínez, Pepe Arcos, Lluís Vidal, Alfonso Gallego, Gabriel Teixidó, Juan Santos, Joaquín Homs, Ximo Roca and José Manuel Ferrero from Studi(H)ac, Esther Campos and Francesc Rifé are just some of the names on a long list of designers who work closely with the big family at POINT to help define the past, present and future of this pioneering and committed brand.

Innovation: POINT’s history is marked by innovation and it has been possible to write this history thanks to the trust placed in external designers, a strong knowledge of raw materials and its possibilities and ability to evolve. But also thanks to the creation of new materials capable of providing new solutions, standing up to the test of time and harsh weather conditions. Products that are in line with new needs, trends, fashions and uses in a world where enjoying the outdoors continues to provide us with happiness and well-being. In this regard, it should be noted that in 1990 POINT’s technical experts developed their own new fibre, SHINTOTEX®. It is a strong, flexible material that is woven manually, providing comfort and fitting the technical requirements of outdoor spaces. This material also shows POINT’s commitment to the environment, as SHINTOTEX® is recyclable. All this is possible because the company is constantly innovating, a factor that is necessary to position itself in the market with a modern product and offer the best service