Snasa Mineral Water A.S

Meander 151 6825MB  Arnhem Netherlands (Gelderland)


SNASA: The Company

On the outskirts of the Snåsa village, in a secluded pristine forest, the Snåsa water source flows safely underground. Our groundwater source, approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Agency in 2013, has a sustainable yearly capacity of nearly one billion liters of Natural Mineral Water. The source keeps a constant temperature of 3.5 °C all year round. The crystal clear and tasty water has super low mineral content and is perfectly suited for all.

It’s such a simple, prosaic moment. Mohamed Sambou stands by the window in the kitchen of his wife’s grandmother, and looks out at the wild landscape surrounding the small village of Snåsa. In his hand he is holding a glass of water. He drinks a sip. Looks at the landscape. Drinks one more sip. The cool, fresh water. Nature. The forest, the mountains.

Then it struck him: “I have to share this, I have to share this with the world.” A number of coincidences have led him here. Now he knows why. A Belgian-Moroccan data engineer in a village not far from Norway’s geographic center, gets a Eureka experience from a glass of water … “It was a simple idea, but we worked hard,” he says, standing outside the new 1100 square meter facility.


  • Luxury natural mineral water from Norway:
    • PET still and sparkling, various sizes, also lemon taste;
    • Glass still and sparkling, various sizes.

Our glass bottles are award winners: Best Design in Europe.

The taste of our water is top 3 in Europe.